Aspects of a casting floor in your apartment

Aspects of a casting floor in your apartment
23 August 2018

In this article we will explain what you need to consider when you wish to have a casting floor in your new or existing apartment. Would you like to have more information? Please request the brochure or read this blog.

Suitability of the substrate

The application of a casting floor requires a suitable substrate. A substrate must provide both good adhesion and enough stability. Linoleum, cork or wooden floors are not stable enough. If you have such a floor and wish to have a casting floor, you first need to remove or treat the existing floor. If on the other hand you have a concrete substrate or an anhydrite or sand cement top floor of enough quality, your casting floor may be applied directly on top of this. The substrate must also be clean and dust free before application. Please don’t forget to dust frames and window-sills in advance to prevent dust particles from dropping into the casting floor.

Noise reduction

Sound reduction standards apply to apartments; the present standards were set at 10 dB. The acoustic options of our EPI Superbase casting floor realise a sound reduction of up to 20 dB.  In addition, they possess unprecedented static crack-bridging properties, bridging more than 2.5 mm. This is a unique combination!

Conservative planning

It makes sense to make a conservative plan for the application of your casting floor. For you may need to start with the application of another substrate. The substrate must be dry enough once the casting floor is applied on top of it, as otherwise bubbles may form in the casting floor. Application of the casting floor itself takes up to five days and therefore is to be planned carefully. For the floor is built up of various layers, which need to cure before the next layer can be applied. After this, the floor needs to cure for another two days. If you choose a floor with floor heating, you need to take into account the heating up protocol. This means that, before applying the casting floor, the floor heating will be started up slowly for the first time to prevent crack formation in the top floor. Please read more on floor heating.


Appearance may have been your most important reason to choose a casting floor. Casting floors are available in all sorts and colours. For example, you may choose  Solid or Blend colours. A Solid colour consists of one uni colour for a sleek look. A Blend colour is a mix of two colours for a natural touch. The choices you make naturally depend on your interior and your personal taste, but whether you opt for natural or sleek, we can always provide you with a casting floor that matches your wishes.

Need inspiration? Please look at our reference cases!