A stylish bathroom with a casting floor

A stylish bathroom with a casting floor
08 October 2018

Presently, casting floors are very trendy. You come across them everywhere: in housing magazines (often as part of the industrial look), at schools, offices, in shops … This is not surprising, as these floors are timeless, strong and sustainable. And did you know that they come in a variety of colours ? You will find something to your taste, whatever your taste is! Casting floors can also be made to continue seamlessly into your bathroom.  Please read on to find out about the possibilities!

A casting floor in the bathroom: aesthetical and practical

A casting floor may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you consider renovating the bathroom, however, this type of floor is an excellent choice. As casting floors are applied seamlessly, your bathroom appears visually larger. And whether you go for a sleek, fresh and white bathroom or prefer a concrete look after all, a casting floor can provide it all.  This type of floor is also very practical. As the bathroom is a lot moister than the other rooms of the house, its joints and cracks are especially sensitive to the accumulation of dirt, moisture and calcium. Seamless casting floors eliminate this problem and are also fully waterproof. They therefore present a hygienic alternative, which will make cleaning a piece of cake.

Always warm feet

Casting floors have a nice warm and soft feel, which is lovely in a room in which most people go around barefoot. Do you still need extra heating? As a rule, the floors can be combined with floor heating. As the floors transmit and hold heat properly, you will need no other heating in the bathroom.

Application of a casting floor

As a rule, casting floors can be applied on top of your bathroom tiles. The only condition being that the substrate is both even and stable, as otherwise cracks may form. You may therefore have to level your existing substrate first. Casting floors in bathrooms are always finished with a special top layer, which prevents slipping due to moisture. In addition, you can opt for an extra anti-slip layer in places that become very wet (around the bathtub or in walk-in showers). After the application of the floor, it needs to cure for a couple of days before you can use it. In general, you can use your bathroom after a week, and will then be able to enjoy your new floor for years to come.

More information

Have you become enthusiastic about a casting floor in your bathroom? Please go to  https://www.epigroup.nl/en/superbase-investment/ and inquire about the possibilities or request an offer free of charge.