Five myths on resin floors

Five myths on resin floors
24 July 2019

When you need to choose a new floor, a seemingly endless range of options presents itself: wood, tiles, carpet and resin floors. It is a time-consuming task and requires a lot of research to make the right choice. Are you interested in a resin floor? We have listed five myths on resin floors, to assist you in making the best choice.

Myth 1 – Resin floors easily crack

It is often thought that resin floors crack easily and are therefore not suitable as floor coatings. However, EPI’s Superbase resin floors come with an intermediate layer, which is flexible and comfortable to prevent crack-building up to 2,5 millimetres. As a result, the floors are wear-resistant and may last for 30 years on average. For this reason, a resin floor is a durable investment. This type of crack-resistant resin floor offers a 99 percent guarantee of absorbing cracks and is thus perfectly suitable for new housing.

Myth 2 – Resin floors look cold

In general, people like an attractive and inviting design for their homes or workplaces. Apart from furniture and accessories, floors also play an important role in the interior. Were you aware that resin floors are available in a wide range of colours and patterns? The EPI Colour Collection allows you to choose either a ‘Solid colour’, consisting of one uni colour for a sleek look, or a ‘Blend colour’, consisting of a mix of two colours for a natural atmosphere.

Myth 3 – Resin floors are not suitable for pets

When you have pets, it is nice to have a floor that is both easy to clean and wear resistant.  Resin floors offer this perfect combination, as these floors are both practical and hygienic. They are fully seamless, waterproof and highly scratch resistant. Moreover, resin floors can be cleaned easily, as stains from wet dog paws or cat hair can easily be removed with a mop or a moist cloth.

Myth 4 – Resin floors are not suitable for moist rooms

Apart from living rooms, bedrooms and offices, resin floors are excellently suited for kitchens and bathrooms. As resin floors are applied in liquid form, these are fully waterproof and seamless; therefore, no moisture or dirt can end up in a seam. Resin floors are thus easy to maintain. An additional advantage is that a room with a resin floor appears to be bigger.

Myth 5 – Resin floors cannot be combined with floor heating

As resin floors are quite thin (3-4 mm), heat is transmitted fast. The home or workplace warms up quickly, which saves energy. With a resin floor, the heat created by floor heating from the bottom is being spread evenly. Even with the floor heating turned off, resin floors are useful and sustainable by absorbing the ambient heat.  You will have nice and warm feet in the winter and a cooling effect in the summer. A combination of floor heating and a resin floor is both very comfortable and very sustainable!