Workshops and garages often have a concrete floor. An inexpensive choice, but a concrete floor has a number of disadvantages. They are porous, difficult to keep clean and they always remain dusty. Also, they do not comply with current environmental requirements. This is not an issue if you choose an EPI cast floor.

Strong, shock-proof and wear-resistant

The floors of workshops and garages are usually subject to a lot of wear. Vehicles enter and leave garages. In workshops, there is often point load due to the use of heavy machinery and equipment. These are all reasons why a garage or workshop floor has to be able to take a beating. The EPI floors are strong, shock-proof and wear-resistant and thus are an excellent basis for the workshop or garage.


Design possibilities

It might not happen often, but if your customers do see your workshop or garage, it’s important that it looks well taken care of. For your employees as well, it’s nice to work in a well-designed space. We can incorporate your company logo in the floor, and by choosing functional colour use, you can better direct the processes in your garage or workshop. For example, choosing a different colour for your warehouse, for the space around the bridge and indicate walkways for extra safety. Or give locations where customers will stand or where the administration is carried out extra atmosphere.

Functional advantages

Our cast floors are easy to clean and are fluid-tight. This is important, because oil, fuels, lubricants and chemicals are major pollutants in workshops and garages. Thanks to the low maintenance costs and the long lifespan, you’ll soon earn back your investment in an EPI floor. The most important functional characteristics of our floors are:

  • Seamless
  • Easy to clean
  • Fluid-tight
  • Low-maintenance
  • Wear-resistant
  • Anti-skid possibilities
  • Can withstand fat and chemicals
  • Cost-efficient
  • Meets (Dutch) requirements for waterproof certification

Discover our floors

We have various beautiful floors which are very suitable for your garage or workshop. You’ll find a selection below. As a manufacturer, we also have all the necessary knowledge to advise you personally. Click here to make an appointment. We can do this by phone, but we’re also happy to welcome you in person. Our “EPI Experience” showroom is located right beside our factory where we make all our floors.. By appointment, you’re more than welcome.

A selection of the EPI floor systems for garages and workshops:

ESD cast floors

EPI ESD gietvloeren en -coatings

EPI 800 MP

EPI 800 MP

EPI-2000 SL 2000 SLAS

EPI Flakebase vloeren – EPI 900 DF