In healthcare, hygiene is priority number one. Whether it is a health centre, a dental practice, a GP or a pharmacy, it is very important that the floors are fluid-tight and non-porous. But there are more requirements to fulfil for a cast floor in healthcare services.

Floors that fulfil the highest requirements

Floors for healthcare must be free of dust and allergy, resistant to chemicals and have good anti-slip properties. EPI offers high-quality cast floors that can withstand alcohol, blood and the highest possible cleaning requirements. Our floors are seamless and liquid-tight and therefore easy to clean and keep clean. The floors have a long lifespan and are practically maintenance-free. They also radiate quality and contribute to a good atmosphere.

EPI Healthcare services Healthcare services EPI

Characteristic properties

The floors are available in nearly every colour and are without exception installable with a special anti-skid layer. EPI floors are very wear-resistant and have a noise attenuating and insulating effect. The crack-bridging and fire-resistant properties make these floors extremely suitable for healthcare.

Discover our floors

We have various beautiful floors which are very suitable for your healthcare organisation. You’ll find a selection below. As a manufacturer, we also have all the necessary knowledge to advise you personally. Click here to make an appointment. We can do this by phone, but we’re also happy to welcome you in person. Our “EPI Experience” showroom is located right beside our factory where we make all our floors.. By appointment, you’re more than welcome.

EPI Healthcare

A selection of the EPI floor systems for healthcare:

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EPI Ecobase gietvloeren – EPI 600 MP

ESD cast floors

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