EPI (cast) floors can be installed anywhere in the house; from the basement to the attic. Such as a sleek design in the living room, hygienic floors in the kitchen and bathroom, a separate design for each bedroom; an EPI floor is the ideal floor for every room in your house.

Comfortable, beautiful and maintenance-friendly

EPI cast floors are a stylish base for your interior. Thanks to the seamless surface of a cast floor, dirt can’t stick to the floor. A quick mop and the floor is clean. Furthermore, EPI cast floors don’t feel cold. Combined with underfloor heating, an EPI floor is an absolute joy to walk on barefoot. In addition to being beautiful, easy to maintain and comfortable, our floors are also free of harmful substances. This is, after all, better for the environment.

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Limitless variation

We deliver our cast floors in every conceivable colour and we can well imagine that choosing the final colour is a complicated process. To help you with this, we’ve defined six EPI design themes. Different colours go with these themes, which offer an inspiring guideline in searching for your ideal floor solution. Sunlight doesn’t influence the colours of an EPI floor, so you are guaranteed years of enjoying the colour(s) you chose. EPI stands for constant quality.

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Discover our floors

We have various beautiful floors which are very suitable for your home. You’ll find a selection below. As a manufacturer, we also have all the necessary knowledge to advise you personally. Click here to make an appointment. We can do this by phone, but we’re also happy to welcome you in person. Our “EPI Experience” showroom is located right beside our factory where we make all our floors.. By appointment, you’re more than welcome.

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A selection of the EPI floor systems for homes:

kids lodge

EPI Superbase cast floor – EPI 400 NV









EPI Superbase cast floors -EPI 600 NV

EPI Corestone Floor