Cast floors are extremely versatile. They do well in industrial environments, healthcare, housing, shops, food and beverage establishments, and they do a fantastic job in offices. In fact, cast floors and offices are a perfect combination. Hallways, entrance, canteen, toilets, IT space; a cast floor as office floor is the eye-catcher in every imaginable space.

Endless variation

If you choose a cast floor, the design possibilities are endless. You can choose from nearly all conceivable colours and a number of different structures. This means the final floor always fits exactly with your wishes.

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Fantastic properties

Synthetic cast floors have a number of properties which fit well with an office environment. The floors are seamless, easy to clean, practically maintenance-free and can be installed perfectly in combination with underfloor heating or over existing floors.

  • Modern
  • Sleek
  • Seamless
  • Practical
  • Maintenance-friendly
  • Comfortable
  • Available in many colours
  • Dust-free and wear-resistant
  • Energy efficient in combination with underfloor heating

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Wear-resistant, safe and cosy

Offices are often used intensively. The first employees start early in the morning and the last sometimes leave the building late. The floors must as such be very wear-resistant, but also safe and easy to clean. Additionally, the floor to a large degree determines the atmosphere in the building. Our floors are wear-resistant, safe and easy to clean. They are available in nearly every conceivable colour and combination and therefore entirely customisable.

Easy renovation

In the vast majority of cases, an EPI cast floor can be installed directly onto the existing floor. The layer thickness is minimal (on average 2 mm), so adjustments to doors are often unnecessary. Because the existing floor is used as a base, there is no need for intensive demolition work.


Acoustic job satisfaction

The acoustics in a space have a great deal of influence on the productivity, comfort and health of your employees. An EPI floor can make a positive contribution to this. By choosing an extra damping layer, you can significantly reduce the impact noise.

Discover our floors

We have various beautiful floors which are very suitable for your office. You’ll find a selection below. As a manufacturer, we also have all the necessary knowledge to advise you personally. Click here to make an appointment. We can do this by phone, but we’re also happy to welcome you in person. Our “EPI Experience” showroom is located right beside our factory where we make all our floors.. By appointment, you’re more than welcome.

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A selection of the EPI floor systems for offices:

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EPI Ecobase gietvloeren – EPI 600 MP

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