Meat processing, the dairy industry, bread and confectionery, fresh produce processing; EPI supplies floors to all sectors within the food industry. These floors must fulfil a great number of requirements. Requirements in terms of hygiene, durability, wear-resistance and safety. Our specialists are aware of these requirements and know exactly which floor fits which sector.


Virtually all floors within the food industry must comply with the HACCP directive. One of the requirements is that the floor must undergo wet cleaning daily. From an environmental perspective, the floor must be entirely fluid-tight and the fluid-tight connection with grates and sumps mustn’t cause any problems.

Properties of an EPI floor for the food industry

  • Fluid-tight connection with grates and sumps
  • Floors meet HACCP anti-skid regulation
  • Floors meet the HACCP cleaning requirements
  • We deliver specialised customisation that fulfils all requirements and wishes
  • Floors comply with guidelines for liquid tightness, thermal stress and acid gravity resistance

EPI Foodstuffs EPI Foodstuffs

A floor system for each space in every sector

Each application has its own specific requirements. The requirements on the work floor are different from those in the warehouse and the requirements in the office are different than in the sanitary areas. EPI has years of experience with projects in the food industry. Specifications are of course crucial, but looks are also important. That’s why you can choose from a broad range of colours and we also for example offer you the option of incorporating your company logo in the floor.

Discover our floors

We have various beautiful floors which are very suitable for your food industry business. You’ll find a selection below. As a manufacturer, we also have all the necessary knowledge to advise you personally. Click here to make an appointment. This can be done by telephone, but of course we would gladly welcome you in person. Our “EPI Experience” showroom is located right beside our factory where we make all our floors.. By appointment, you’re more than welcome.

A selection of the EPI floor systems for the food industry:


EPI Quartzbase vloeren – Solid

EPI 800 MP

EPI 800 MP

EPI-2000 SL 2000 SLAS

EPI-2000 SL & 2000SL/AS