Are you curious about the costs of a high-quality EPI Superbase cast floor? This investment depends on a number of factors. Does it concern a new construction or a home/building which is at least two years old? On which surface is the Superbase cast floor being installed? What is the total surface area? Are you choosing an extra acoustic layer? Etc. If you contact us, we’d be pleased to provide you with a non-binding quote.

Price indication

  • For example: You’d like to have a Superbase cast floor installed in the kitchen or living room. The surface is continuous and covers 80 m2. The surface is a floor mortar screed. Our price indication per m2 then amounts to € 85,-*. The additional price per m2 is partly dependent on the factors mentioned above.
  • The starting price of projects up to 20 m2 is € 2.359,-*.
  • For projects from 110 m2, the price per m2 is € 79,-*.

* Depending on the situation on site, additional pre-treatments or activities may be necessary, which may entail an additional charge.
The listed prices are exclusive of VAT and apply for a sufficiently form- and pressure-resistant surface that is permanently dry.

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