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Are you looking for a reliable and comfortable design cast floor, but is our high-end EPI Superbase cast floor too expensive for your purpose? Then the EPI Ecobase cast floor is an outstanding solution. The seamless cost-efficient solution is truly used everywhere. You’ll find the floor in offices, hospitals and museums.


Long lifespan

An EPI Ecobase cast floor is easy to keep clean, virtually maintenance-free and can be installed perfectly in combination with underfloor heating or on top of existing floors.

Design possibilities

EPI Ecobase cast floors are available in nearly any conceivable solid colour. You can also choose to add decorative flakes to the floor. A non-yellowing finish maintains the colour of the floor.

Adjust roughness

Slippery floors are often the cause of nasty falls. You can prevent this by making your Ecobase cast floor sufficiently skid-resistant, making slips less likely.

Reference College de Heemlanden

Reference College de Heemlanden

College de Heemlanden was looking for a special floor with a distinctive design to replace the standard Linoleum. Via the local newspaper he ended up at EPI. This makes sense, because we’re around the corner from each other.

"We opted for a colourful and playful design because it fits well with our building."

- Hans Vervloet, facilities coordinator

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Design floors

The most beautiful design floors for houses, schools, offices, retail and catering. The way you feel in a certain space has everything to do with the design. Light or dark, warm or cold, sleek or messy; all the aspects have a direct impact on your experience. The basis for this experience is the floor. Are you looking for a design floor, complete floor solution or a renovated top layer? EPI delivers perfection.

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