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Are you looking for a real eye-catcher? Do you want a floor that sparkles or one that reflects? Are you going for a striking floor that no one can ignore? Then choose an EPI Flash cast floor or an EPI Shine cast floor.



The EPI Flash cast floor is a glittering floor that sparkles at you. A floor that will make you cheerful. If you have this exclusive glitter-floor installed, you’re choosing a distinctive design in which quality and functionality come together. The colour palette is distinct and extensive. From Silver to Gold; from Snow White to Graphite; from Grass Green to Yellow or Pink; with a Flash floor you can go in any direction you want.


The EPI Shine cast floor is a beautiful high-gloss cast floor. Our R&D department has succeeded in developing a high-gloss cast floor that will not lose its shine. Something we’re very proud of. Where most high-gloss cast floors lose their shine fairly quickly, the EPI Shine cast floor remains radiant. The Shine cast floor is available in various beautiful colours. We supply these floors in fancy high-gloss white or black, but also, for example, in deep blue, yellow, and mint green.



The EPI Flash and Shine floors are surprisingly versatile. The clear, bright Shine colours combine perfectly with the sparkling Shine-designs. Daring patterns, unexpected combinations, wall-prints that are reflected by the high-gloss floor. Moreover, these floors have a large number of convincing properties. They are:

  • Seamless and low-maintenance
  • Fire-resistant
  • Colourfast
  • Anti-slip
  • Resistant against most common chemicals
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • Suitable for practically any base
  • Suitable for many purposes (such as homes, offices, shops, showrooms, non-residential construction)
  • Wear-resistant, strong, and durable

Design floors

The most beautiful design floors for houses, schools, offices, retail and catering. The way you feel in a certain space has everything to do with the design. Light or dark, warm or cold, sleek or messy; all the aspects have a direct impact on your experience. The basis for this experience is the floor. Are you looking for a design floor, complete floor solution or a renovated top layer? EPI delivers perfection.

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