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If you’re going to invest in a synthetic cast floor, you won’t go for the first design cast floor you come across. If you’re looking for an unparalleled high-quality floor, the EPI Superbase cast floor is the floor for you. It’s super strong and comfortable, making it the ideal choice for your home, office, shop or hotel.

Superbase vloer


The EPI Superbase cast floor combines a stylish appearance with proven durability. This floor offers a resilient and seamless solution for both home and business applications. In contrast to the more traditional flooring materials, the Superbase cast floors are extremely warm, comfortable and also easy to maintain.

Resistant to point load

If you want to develop a solid floor, you often have to compromise on comfort. That’s why we’re extremely proud of the fact that we succeeded in developing a floor which is in addition to being super strong also incredibly comfortable. Our EPI Superbase cast floor is significantly less sensitive to impression than other cast floors on the market. Thanks to this low sensitivity, an EPI cast floor is much more resistant to point load.

Unparalleled lifespan

Users can enjoy an EPI Superbase cast floor for years to come. This high-quality floor system doesn’t yellow or discolour due to sunlight. The chosen colour is therefore well maintained.

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The EPI Superbase cast floor is very comfortable in and of itself. The floor feels soft and warm and is – especially when combined with underfloor heating – delightful to walk on. If you’d like to further increase the comfort, it’s possible to add an extra dampening layer. This layer provides additional noise reduction and ensures that the – already negligible – risk of cracks is further reduced.

Reference - EPI Superbase cast floor - Druten

Reference - EPI Superbase cast floor - Druten

Wanneer je de vloer van je dromen hebt gevonden, is het fijn om te weten dat je er de komende jaren optimaal van kunt blijven genieten. De EPI Superbase Gietvloer is 100% alifatisch wat betekent dat de vloer niet verkleurt of vergeelt. “We zijn erg blij met onze prachtige strakke gietvloer met betonlook uitstraling, die gegarandeerd niet verkleurt.”

"We are very pleased with our beautiful, sleek casting floor with a concrete look, which will definitely not discolour."

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The most beautiful design floors for houses, schools, offices, retail and catering. The way you feel in a certain space has everything to do with the design. Light or dark, warm or cold, sleek or messy; all the aspects have a direct impact on your experience. The basis for this experience is the floor. Are you looking for a design floor, complete floor solution or a renovated top layer? EPI delivers perfection.

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