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EPI Gusto and Rocca floors have the authentic look of a Terrazzo floor. Whether you prefer a classic, or modern style, this versatile floor can do it all. The mix of colours and various materials ensures a unique floor that compliments your interior and meets your specific requirements. Would you like to experience the qualities and possibilities for yourself? Visit the EPI Experience in Houten in person or set up a virtual appointment.

EPI Gusto

EPI Gusto floors

The EPI Gusto system is designed to offer a stylish alternative for buildings that have high traffic such as restaurants, entry zones, schools, hospitals and museums. The level of comfort this floor offers especially when combined with underfloor heating makes it ideal for residential buildings.

The EPI Gusto floor has a solid base to which fine granules are added giving it the terrazzo look.


EPI Rocca floors

The EPI Rocca system is especially suited for high traffic buildings due to its strong qualities. For example schools, hospitals, restaurants and entry zones as well as residential buildings.

The floor has a luxurious feel and is sound reducing. Because of the terrazzo look dirt doesn’t show as much. The floor takes on the temperature of its surroundings, especially in combination with floor heating this makes for a very comfy feeling.

The EPI Rocca floor has a blend, mix of two colours, as a base to which fine granules are added.

Design floors

The most beautiful design floors for houses, schools, offices, retail and catering. The way you feel in a certain space has everything to do with the design. Light or dark, warm or cold, sleek or messy; all the aspects have a direct impact on your experience. The basis for this experience is the floor. Are you looking for a design floor, complete floor solution or a renovated top layer? EPI delivers perfection.

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