Just like our cast floors, the EPI coating floors are beautiful, easy to maintain and extremely durable. A coating floor can be installed on nearly any stable base, as long it’s free of dust and grease. A coating floor is ideal as a finish in environments such as DIY stores and factory halls.

EPI coating vloeren

The properties of a coating floor:

  • Cost-efficient: The installation of an EPI coating floor is less labour-intensive and uses less material than installing a cast floor. This makes it a very attractive floor finish in terms of pricing.
  • Easy to maintain: The EPI coating floor has a dense structure and barely absorbs dirt and dust. Regular scrubbing keeps the floor in good condition.
  • Strong and wear-resistant: A properly installed coating floor lasts for many years. And is very resistant to chemical loads caused by oil and fats among others.
  • Seamless: A coating floor is installed on top of the existing floors completely free of seams and joints.
  • Versatile: We can deliver a suitable coating system for any conceivable application.

Design possibilities for coating floors

Our coating floors are available in countless RAL-, Sikkens- and NCS-colours. If you would like to maintain the original colour of the base, you can in some cases even choose a transparent floor coating. This maintains the appearance of your existing floor while providing it with optimum protection. All our coating floors can be optionally delivered with coloured flakes or quartz.

Industrial floors

The industrial sector is very diverse, so our industrial floors are as well. Each branch of industry has its own requirements and priorities. For example, the requirements posed by the food industry are very different from those posed by the chemical industry. Whatever your requirements are, our specialists will develop the right solution.

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