600 EP, 2200 EP & 5050 EP EPI ESD floor and wall systems prevent electrostatic tension and uncontrolled electrostatic discharges which can damage components. Even minor electrostatic discharges that are not visible to humans can cause (latent) damage. These floor systems consist of multiple layers. The complete systems are manufactured and inspected in accordance with the NEN-ISO 9001/ 14001 standard.

EPI Gezondheidszorg

Coatings, cast floors and decorative blended floor and wall systems

Usable in cleanrooms, datacentres, testlabs, operating rooms and ESD zones

Static electricity can cause problems in the food industry, healthcare and for example in spaces where electronic equipment is assembled. In order to be ESD-safe, an Electrostatic Protective Area (EPA) must be set up. The ESD floor is an important part of this. EPI ESD floors are liquid-proof, dust-free and easy to clean. Even in low humidity (12% RV), these floors do not generate sparks. The floors are extremely resistant to chemicals and are very impact-, shock- and wear-resistant.

Gezondheidszorg EPI


  • Homogenous glossy or matt surface
  • Floors that are not statically charged get less dirty
  • No spark generation at a low 12% RV.
  • No seams
  • Increased scratch-resistance
  • Repairable (repair sets)
  • Increased resistance to chemicals
  • Dust-free and easy to clean
  • Increased impact-, shock- and wear-resistance
  • Fluid-tight
  • Non-yellowing from exposure to normal daylight
  • Comprehensive standard colours and light NCS and RAL colours such as RAL 9016, RAL 9001 and RAL 9011 (without carbon fibres!) available
  • Special colours upon request
Reference Hitachi

Reference Hitachi

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) is a subsidiary of Hitachi and delivers storage solutions worldwide. During assembly, work takes place with extremely sensitive electronic components. During the construction of the new distribution system in Zaltbommel, it was as such very important that the assembly environment and test space complied with all applicable ESD standards.

"With this floor we more than comply with the most recent ESD requirements and standards"

- Dick Lunenberg, facilities manager HDS

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Industrial floors

The industrial sector is very diverse, so our industrial floors are as well. Each branch of industry has its own requirements and priorities. For example, the requirements posed by the food industry are very different from those posed by the chemical industry. Whatever your requirements are, our specialists will develop the right solution.

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