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EPI Sports provides a range of multipurpose prefabricated rubber sports surfaces, EPIFLEX Rubber sport and EPIFLEX Recreational Rubber floors. EPIFLEX Rubber sport are all weather sports surfaces, suitable for a wide range of locations like schools, clubs, universities, hotels or any other recreational facility. EPIFLEX Recreational Rubber floors is made of a mixture of recycled rubber (SBR) and coloured new rubber granules (EPDM). These are bonded together with a polyurethane binder.

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EPIFLEX Rubber sport

EPI offers a range of multifunctional prefabricated rubber sports floors: EPIFLEX Sport. The floors have excellent performance under all conceivable weather conditions and are suitable for a wide range of locations, including schools, sports clubs, universities, hotels and other recreational facilities.

For any climate

The rubber sports floor systems can be used in all conceivable climates. Whether it’s damp or dry, cold or hot. Athletes will recognise the resilient and sports-friendly nature of the EPI Rubber sports floors in all conditions.

In short

  • Comfortable sports surface
  • Easy to install, no machinery necessary
  • Maintenance-friendly solutions
  • Broad colour spectrum
  • Prefabricated systems
  • Maximum protection and safety
EPI Fitnessvloer

EPIFLEX Recreational Rubber floors

EPI has a broad range of rubber fitness floors: EPIFLEX. The EPIFLEX rubber floors consist of a blend of recycled rubber (SBR) and coloured new rubber grains (EPDM). Epiflex rubber fitness floors are available in 4 standard series:

  • EPIFLEX 20-80 series
  • EPIFLEX Mix series
  • EPIFLEX Uni series
  • EPIFLEX Extreme & sensation series

In short

  • Impact noise reduction
  • Outstanding anti-slip properties, even when wet
  • Extremely wear-resistant
  • Anti-fatigue
  • Many possible colours and blends
  • Easy to install and maintain




Sports floors

Basketball, running, dance, fitness: different sports require different sports floors. EPI offers a full range of sports floor systems. Our floor systems are suitable for all conditions and can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to our years of experience, we understand how important customisation is. Definitely where top performance is important. Athletics tracks • Polyurethaan sport floors • Court (Acrylic) Multifunctional sports floors • EPIFLEX Rubber floors • Impact protection surfaces

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