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Our Impact protection surfaces protect children from serious injury when they fall. Thanks to the specially developed rubber-based protective tiles, a lot of tears can be avoided. EPI Impact protection surfaces are elastic, durable, shock-absorbing and designed to reduce the risk of injury during falls. The tiles offer protection against impact for falls from up to three metres.

HIC test methods

EPI Impact protection surfaces are tested according to the HIC test method in accordance with ASTM 1292 and EN 1177 and can if desired be installed with or without pin holes. EPI Impact protection surfaces can be used in:

  • Reaction & park areas
  • Housing construction
  • Schools and nurseries
  • Footbridges

Sports floors

Basketball, running, dance, fitness: different sports require different sports floors. EPI offers a full range of sports floor systems. Our floor systems are suitable for all conditions and can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to our years of experience, we understand how important customisation is. Definitely where top performance is important. Athletics tracks • Polyurethaan sport floors • Court (Acrylic) Multifunctional sports floors • EPIFLEX Rubber floors • Impact protection surfaces

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