Can be installed in one day, even on damp concrete. When installing a parking deck system, every hour the relevant deck is (partially) closed for cars and freight traffic is an hour too long. At EPI we know this all too well, so we put a lot of energy into the research and development of the perfect parking deck system.


Optimal combination

In doing so, we looked for the most optimal combination based on a number of important variables: odour, time, risk avoidance, and quality. This approach has proven to be successful, because more and more clients are choosing EPI due to its many advantages:


Our products are virtually odourless. This makes the work of the floor processor is more pleasant and ensures that the people in the surrounding area don’t experience any odour nuisance. The parts of the parking garage which are not being renovated can as such remain open without odour nuisance. This allows the parking garage to remain open during a renovation project while a part is replaced or upgrade.

Time gain

The fast curing allows one to deliver a project quickly. This is unique for an odourless system. It is possible to speed up various stages. Ask your contact about this.

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Risk avoidance thanks to moisture resistance

Lowering the delay sensitivity of bridge construction and renovation products was also a priority when developing our systems. Our parking deck systems are suitable for installation on damp concrete. This allows a project to continue under conditions that would be unfavourable for traditional systems.

Guaranteed quality

The EPI parking deck systems comply with the NEN 2443-2013, NEN-EN 13036-4 and NEN 7909-2015 standards. The systems are furthermore produced and inspected according to the NEN-ISO 9001/14001 standard and the moisture resistance was confirmed in a TNO report.


  • Water- and fluid-tight
  • Natural appearance
  • All kinds of colours, lineations and decorations are possible
  • Lasting skid resistance
  • No squealing tyres
  • Colour mineral natural infill
  • Drainage capacity
  • Low-maintenance
Reference Gatwick

Reference Gatwick

"The system was installed very quickly and without any odour nuisance"

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Traffic floors

The fast curing of our traffic floors makes it possible to neatly and quickly deliver a bridge deck, cycle path, slope track or parking garage. Furthermore, our systems are suitable for application on damp concrete. This allows a project to continue under conditions that would be unfavourable for traditional systems.

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