Get inspired | The 2019 trends

Get inspired | The 2019 trends
19 December 2018

Casting floors with a concrete look, urban living, cosy and snug, organic forms and contrasts. This is just a selection of things that will in large part determine the interior trends in 2019. What else will the new year bring us with regard to living and interiors?

A modular interior

Urban living will play an important role. This means making the most of one’s space. In 2019 more people will opt for a modular interior. When you decide to turn your home into a multifunctional home, casting floors are the perfect solution.  Casting floors with a concrete look are seamless and have a sleek appearance. These floors present the perfect solution for a combined living and working area, or for a combination of bathroom and bedroom.

Snug and natural

In the year 2019, the focus will be on cosy and snug styling and on a mix of colours and materials. The colours purple and blue, and materials such as velvet and velours will be prominent. Nature too will play a leading role in the interior, as the busy man and woman of today increasingly longs to retreat to nature. Nature will return in the interior through colours, materials and forms. Green will be predominant, casting floors will get a natural touch, and you will also see a lot more felt, wool and bamboo. Your home will thus become a refuge, a little piece of nature. Naturally, green plants will be trendy too. The motto is: the bigger this green plant is, the better.


More and more people wish to return to real and pure. As a result, courser textures along with natural patterns will be quite popular in 2019. Wood, marble and natural stone are materials that fit in well. Brown, black and white, alternating with honey and yellow ochre: it is all possible in 2019.  Pure and real is also a casting floor in a neutral, warm or even cool colour in an interior with contrasting colours. Brass and bronze are explicitly visible again, both in accessories and in furniture. In particular the matt finishes of these materials will become very trendy.


In 2019 we will see a pushing of the boundaries in the field of contrasts: combinations of round and square, matt and glossy, and black and white will all be allowed. As will mixing refined with coarser materials. So, you can feel free to combine velours with cane and linen with bamboo.

The interior will remain a matter of personal taste, however, also in 2019.  One thing is certain though: the present popularity of casting floors will continue to increase. Casting floors are both durable and comfortable. Moreover, they need very little maintenance and are very easy to clean! Whatever your taste is, you will always find a casting floor to match it. Do you like it warm, cold, matt, glossy, or in a bright colour? Our collection suits all tastes!