EPI Comfortbase Floor is a seamless, soft design floor. This flooring system consists of one or more substrates, a casting layer and a non-yellowing, matt, transparant finish. This complete system is produced and supervised in conformity with the NEN-ISO 9001/ 14001 standard.


Flooring system, in particular for application in offices, schools, hospitals, museums, canteens, wholesale businesses and supermarkets. The EPI Comfortbase Floor system is especially suitable for spaces where design and high traffic coincide. This system is available in many uni colours, such as strong white, or with optional decorative 0,5 or 1 mm flakes. EPI Comfortbase Floor can be applied with optional increased slip resistance.


• Seamless
• Easy to clean and to maintain
• Permanently elastic
• Sound reductive (in combination with rubber)
• Only applicable inside
• Also applicable on top of existing (tile) floors

• Fully solvent-free
• Non-yellowing due to special finishing layer
• Increased wear-resistance
• Fluid-tight
• Increased crack-bridging (in combination with rubber >2,5 mm (class A5))
• Impact sound reduction: 18 dB (in combination with rubber)

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Application time

Application time

The standard application time for the EPI Comfortbase system amounts to 4-6 days. Please consult your EPI advisor on this.
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