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EPI-600 DQ is a hard, seamless design floor with a blended appearance and increased skid-resistance. This floor system consists of one or more sublayers, coatings, scattered quartz and optionally a matte transparent film. The entire system is manufactured and inspected in accordance with NEN-ISO 9001/ 14001.

Factory halls, canteens, production and processing areas, wholesalers, and supermarkets

The increased roughness makes this seamless floor suitable to be walked on for a broad range of people. EPI-600 DQ floors are often used in, for example, factory halls, canteens, production and processing areas, wholesalers, and supermarkets. This system is available with colour quartz in a wide range of colours. The system is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and is also easy to install on top of existing (tiled) flooring.


•  Seamless
•  Easy to clean and maintain
•  Suitable for use both in and outdoors
•  Scratch concealing due to the surface texture
• Can also be applied on top of existing (tiled) flooring


•  Completely free from solvents
•  Increased UV stability due to the mattifying EPI Hardtop 200T
• Improved wear-resistance
•  Increased roughness (R10-12)
•  Fluid-tight

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Installation time

Standard installation of the EPI-600 DQ system can be completed in 2-3 days. Ask your EPI advisor for advice about this. Installation time

Health & Safety

For information and advice about the safe handling, storage, and removal of chemical products, the user should consult the latest Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), for the relevant physical, ecological, toxicological, and other safety-related data.


Conformity with NEN-ISO 9001/ 14001.

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