EPI-800 MP is a seamless industrial floor and consists of multiple sublayers, a cast layer and a non-yellowing matte coloured finish. EPI-800 MP is permanently elastic and can be installed on asphalt surfaces. This entire system is manufactured and inspected in accordance with NEN-ISO 9001/ 14001.

Seamless industrial flooring for factory halls, logistics, schools, hospitals, canteens, wholesalers, and supermarkets

The EPI-800 MP system was primarily developed for use in rooms where heavy load is combined with high amounts of traffic of both people and machines. This system is available in an extensive palette of uni-colours and can, optionally, be supplied with decorative flakes. The system is only suitable for use indoors and is, among other things, seamless and fluid-tight.

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Installation time

Standard installation of the EPI-800 MP system can be completed in 3-4 days. Using a special scrap layer, the system can also be installed in as little as 2 days. Ask your EPI advisor for advice about this. Installation time

Health & Safety

For information and advice about the safe handling, storage, and removal of chemical products, the user should consult the latest Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), for the relevant physical, ecological, toxicological, and other safety-related data.


Conformity with NEN-ISO 9001/ 14001.

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