EPI Court Advantage is a 100% cushioned acrylic coating system which is ITF compliant and designed and formulated for the installation of tennis and multifunctional sports surfaces. EPI Court Advantage is pigmented and textured making it the ideal surface for a wide range of sports surfaces.


• Variable cushion thickness achievable
• Water based
• ITF compliant
• Optimised force reduction
• Fast installation
• Low maintenance costs
• Long lasting with excellent durability
• Consistent pace
• Excellent slip resistance when wet and dry


• In situ applied cushion base
• Slip resistance 76 Dry and 98 Dry (TRRL Pendulum)
• ITF tested to Medium Slow
• Multiple layer water based acrylic
• Non porous
• 100% acrylic coating

EPI Group
EPI Group


Installation of EPI Court Advantage is constructed with a base layer of a water based re-surfacer mixed with dry, graded sand and applied with a rubber squeegee. Multiple layers of water based acrylic liquid cushion, Two filler wear coats are then applied using the same rubber squeegee, allowing the first application to fully cure before application of the second layer. A final top coat is then applied using the same application technique.
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