warm colour palette | deep hues | metallics | shiny effects | skin colours modern Africa | print mix | graphical patterns | pronounced | colourful | maximalist | tribal earth tones | blend | matte | chalky | mud | coffee | cacao | baked clay

Starting point for every ethnic-style interior


People travel, now more than ever, and arts and culture travel with them. Different ethnic elements have found their way into interior design. Whether your preference is for fabrics from Uzbekistan or Turkey, inlaid furniture from Syria, tiles from Morocco, Alpaca blankets from Argentina, vintage English collectibles, Italian porcelain, African artefacts, or the lively colours of India, Ethnic Warmth is your starting point for every ethnic-style interior. The variation within this theme is truly infinite. Mediterranean design with rich colours and an abundance of glass and ceramics, golden accessories, and woven textiles are just as ethnic as Japanese minimalism and German pragmatism.    
Keep varying
African prints, Terrazo style, dark mystique, with this theme you can literally go in any direction you want. The broad chequered colour palette of earthy shades like clay, mud, and cacao combines beautifully with metallics, shine effects, and a bit glitter here and there. Eclectic, unexpected, and extravagant; anything is possible. Enrich your interior, and your life, with ethnic colours, shapes, and traditions. Combine colours, connect techniques, unite styles. If you choose this theme, the world is your oyster.
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