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Balance is the basis


One of the biggest trends in home design in recent years is a shift towards neutral colours. We like this trend because neutral colours, when used properly, create a calm, relaxed environment as well as effortless refinement. This is one of the most popular themes which we’ve composed in cooperation with Christine Boland of Trends & Mindsets. With the colours in this theme you’ll create a beautiful, light base for a wide range of interiors. Whether it is for your home, your workplace, wellness, or retail, the neutral theme will provide peace and balance, both physically and mentally.


Friendly shades

Soft, friendly shades with a warm undertone, like sand and stone colours, can be excellently combined with natural materials like wood, cork, marble, rope, linen, and wool. The EPI Peach will also work very well in this colour palette. This peach colour is our translation of the light shades in summer sunsets. Combining EPI Peach with one of the EPI sand shades, will make your interior even warmer.

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